Saturday, 28 January 2012

Do forget your webpage...

Tweeting is pretty easy and making a 20-second Facebook post is way more fun than updating your website. But here’s the thing: your website is the only place online where you control the entire visitor experience. Don’t neglect it!

Whether you’re displaying concert photos, escorting fans through an interactive liner-notes page, asking them to sign up for your mailing list, streaming new demos, or driving visitors to your online store, your website is the place where you can do it all YOUR way.

Here is an interesting analysis, written by Michael Brandvold, of how the band KISS  greatly increased their social media presence at the expense of their website traffic, which has cost them some dough. Granted, KISS ain’t exactly “indie.” But the lessons learned should apply to all artists.

As a quick side note...what do you mean you don't have a webpage?!? A couple years ago, yes you could get away with just using a Myspace profile as your webpage, but Myspace is now done and has anything else really had the strength to replace it? facebook does okay, but it will always be a facebook page.  It's not yours. Social media based sites like facebook, reverbnation, ourstage, bandcamp, and others will come and go. If you have your own webpage, you will ALWAYS have your own webpage and our fans will always know where to go. 


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  1. Image is EVERYTHING!! You can be talented and have the gift of music in you, but If you do not market your image and show potential fans who you are, you will lose out to the less talented bands who did market themselves we have seen so many times!! I can be contacted through Danny if anyone would like help with web develpment and or images to enhance a current page. I am reasonable on cost.