Tuesday, 6 December 2011

7 Tips to Get Your Music Selling This Holiday Season

300px Juletr%C3%A6et Top 10 Tips to Get Your Music Selling This Holiday Season1. Email Your Fanbase

It seems simple enough, but often gets overlooked. Gently remind your fans where your music is available for purchase. It always seems less “sales-y” if you can include this info as part of a larger email announcing shows, new videos, albums, special Holiday singles, etc.
2. Record a Holiday Single
It might sound like a hokey idea, but hell, the Beatles did it and it certainly didn’t hurt their career. You could also make it an exclusive track on your website, give it away, or email it as a special offer directly to people who purchase your albums. Fans will get a kick out of it and they’ll be reminded of your music in general, thus planting the seed for gifting your albums.
3. YouTube Videos
You don’t have to be Bing Crosby or Aimee Mann to make compelling Holiday videos. With affordable camcorder and iPhone technology you can easily create a video for your holiday song. Or simply refresh your regular video content with some updated material. Link viewers directly to where they can buy your music.
4. Change Out Those Tired Old Links
If you’ve been using the same graphic hyperlink images forever, maybe it is time to enliven your websites and social networking profiles with a new look. You could even enlist your design-oriented friends to help you make some holiday-themed images for your links, or to upload as the banner image for your MusicStore on Facebook. Also, make sure all of the links you’ve got out there on the internet are still active.
5. Download Cards Make Great Gifts
They’re small, light, and come customized with your album art — perfect for stocking stuffers! Also, there are a number of promotional uses for download cards. You could do a Twitter contest and use them as prizes to generate excitement for your music around the holiday season. Give them to particularly awesome fans. Or bundle them with your regular CDs so the buyer can share your music with someone new.
6. Leverage Social Networks
Social networks are the perfect place to get people talking about your music. Share some of your own personal picks for the season. Stir a little excitement with a giveaway contest. Encourage fan involvement. Remember, social networks are most effective when you converse with your followers, so don’t just shout at them like a desperate street vendor.
7. Run a Limited-time Holiday Sale
Announce to your email list and social networking friends that from now until the Holidays you’ll be selling your discs for a reduced cost. Offer a buy one get one free deal, encouraging people to buy a disc and give another one to someone as a gift. 
(Thanks to Chris R. from CD Baby for some of these tips)

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