Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Help support independent music during this holiday season...

Looking for a way to help spread the word about some of your favorite local bands?

This Christmas season give the gift of music. Local music. If there is a local artist that you are a fan of, that you believe more people need to know about, then help spread the word and give their CD as a gift this holiday season.

By giving CDs by local artists as Christmas gifts, not only are you helping spread the word about those artists, you’re supporting them by buying their CDs. Whether you’re looking for that special gift for a music fan or just something to give as a Secret Santa gift, a CD by a local artists is the gift that gives twice.

Support your favorite local artist by helping spread the word this holiday season. Give that artist’s CD as a gift.

You can find some great CDs by local artists at or at Permanent Records (just off Whyte Ave).

Another way you can help support local independent music is by sharing this note or reposting it. Just a thought...